Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show, Part Two...

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!  Look what came in the mail today...a pretty ribbon!  "Baltimore Rhapsody-Symphony" won "Viewer's Choice" again, this time at the AQS Chattanooga show!  I am quite speechless...counting Sauder Village, that is now three shows where it has garnered "Viewer's Choice."  Again, I am humbled and thrilled!

And below is my other quilt in the version of Lori Smith's "Songs of Spring" (I added an applique border...).  Seeing the pictures close together, I am noticing for the first time how similar the quilts look...the one below looks kind of like 'son of Baltimore Rhapsody' - similar neutral background, setting, colors and style...both hand appliqued and hand has 15 inch blocks, one has 6 inch weird and comical!  Am I in a rut, or WHAT?

I was sorry not to be in Chattanooga on the same day to meet the maker of the next fabulous quilt...Quilt Diva Julie.  Oh, so fun to see it again in person!  (I still have some photos that don't know which way is "up"...sorry!)  By the way Julie, thank you for emailing me nice of you to take the time!

It was so great (and a little selfish) to stand in front of this gem and really study it to see hidden details.  As Chattanooga IS Rock City, you could say that this quilt had come home!  

(Hey Julie...maybe the 'Rock City' attraction owes you a little advertising revenue!  For those of you who didn't grow up in the south, 'Rock City' and 'Ruby Falls'...two natural wonders of the area...used to advertise all over the south on the roofs and sides of old wooden barns. Sadly, most of those old barns are no longer standing...I'm not used to seeing the new billboards...I have great memories of being taken to both parks by my Aunt Katrina...that was a lot of years ago...)

It was great fun to meet up with my friend Margit, who moved from Michigan to Tennessee last year.  She and some friends came on a charter bus with fellow guild members to enjoy the day.

LOTS more pictures to come, either when I solve my picture rotation problem, or when my perfectionism just lets go and lets them RIP!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show, Part One...

I am back in Michigan following a visit to the AQS Quilt Show in Chattanooga, TN and a trip to Alabama.  I went to the show on opening day and took as many pictures as I could to share with you.

More than my typical apologies for my photography: Either my new photo editor is screwing with me or BLOGGER is experiencing a hiccup...some of my pictures loaded sideways and I can't seem to fix them!

I hope you don't get whiplash or a pain in the neck from seems to have trouble with the ones I made skinny by cropping.

Anyway, it was fun to see some of the quilts from the Michigan AQS show again...some that had ribbons in Michigan now without them, and some overlooked at the Michigan show adorned with ribbons.  Any given day, any given judge...

This crazy quilt made from ties really caught my eye.  I have my dad's ties and want to do something really special with them so I am collecting ideas.

Ties are a natural for the crazy quilting style, and I like the idea of adding buttons, ribbon roses, etc. in addition to doing embroidery.  I also have some tie tacks, pins, etc. of his which would be fun to incorporate...maybe some of the buttons from his dress shirts...

The following quilt won "Best Traditional Quilt."

The large setting triangles (and other negative spaces) look like a printed fabric but are actually black fabric with lots of colorful background stitching.

The "Best of Show" quilt was just delightful!  So many beautiful details...I could have stood in front of at all day, but it was drawing quite a crowd!  (My pictures just don't do it justice, properly oriented or not!)  It took 2 years to make with much of the hand applique done during her husband's illness.  He named the quilt before he passed...what a sad but beautiful story...

The colors are just so wonderful together...

The following quilt won "Best Wall Quilt."

The next quilt won the "Best Modern Quilt" group.

"Big Bertha" won "Best Computer-Aided Quilt" at this show (I think it was "Best of Show" at the AQS Grand Rapids show last month...)

The following quilt came all the way from Japan to win "Best Innovative Quilt."

Very, VERY, VERY fine hand quilting on the next quilt...

I have MANY more pictures to share, but I am going to stop with these for now.  I need to figure out why my pictures are sideways.

It may not be driving YOU crazy, but it is making me completely NUTS!  My husband loaded a newer version of Microsoft Word on my computer while I was gone, and I was forced into a new, stupid photo editor.  I really hate change!  I have another over 300 pictures to share and I want them right-side-up!

It was so nice to meet Sue of the Florida Farm Girl's World blog while at the show.  She was just as sweet and nice as I knew she would be!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)